Punks & Pirates – Looe Music Festival

We took ourselves and the two youngest girls away for the weekend to the Looe music festival, I must say well done Looe what a fantastic weekend you organised with so many bands and venues this must have been quite a feat.
We Stayed at the Tencreek holiday park which was very friendly. There was a shuttle bus laid on for the event which ran ever 30 mins so there wasn’t any waiting.
The only problem we had was what bands to see and it was unfortunate that a couple of the bands we wanted to see did clash. But it wasn’t a problem because there were other bands that we hadn’t planned on seeing that were fantastic, two of these bands being
Empire of Fools and Phat Bollard. Also a great gig by our friends Steve and Billy from
Funky Acoustica who played at Lascares on Saturday, I must add In the pouring rain. Well-done guys.

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