Padstow Church


There have been three churches over fourteen centuries on this site.

The 6th Century Church – circa 518

The first was built by Petroc in the 6th century. The church, monastery and all it contained were completely destroyed by the Vikings in 981..

The only items that remain from this early period are the head of a four holed Celtic cross on a modern shaft, outside the south door and the base of a very large cross by the south-east gate.

The 12th Century Church – circa 1100

Another church was built, Saxon, with possible Norman additions. The lower half of the tower dates from this period and is 6ft. thick. During recent repairs to the wall at the base of the arch, dated by Pevsner as 13th century, crumbling beachrock or sandstone was found. This could indicate that the church of 1100 was built of this and that is why it did not last very long. The sealed doorway was the entrance to stairs leading to the tower. It is not known exactly when this church fell into disrepair.

The present Church – 1425 – 1450

The cream stone for the columns came from Caen in Normandy, by sea. The dark grey stone in the windows and font is Dolerite which was quarried locally at Cataclews point near Harlyn Bay.


south Entrance Waterstone

chech celticcrossBarry_Chris1Reverend Canon Christopher Malkinson and, Rev Barry Kinsmen. Barry was also known as Mr Padstow due to his knowledge of the area

bell towerBell Tower



Organist Roger Penna


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