Stepper Point

The mouth of the river Camel where it flows into the Celtic Sea


Stepper point


From flint tools found on the headland it appears that people lived in this part of Stepper Point as far back as 6000 years ago, and possibly even earlier.

In 1862 quarrying began at Stepper Point, in order to improve the wind at the mouth of the estuary; previously it was so turbulent and confusing that a capstan was erected on Stepper Point to haul ships in.

This quarry was situated in a very inaccessible place on the most northerly part of Stepper Point peninsula to the northwest of Padstow. It was probably opened just after the First World War,.

From the quarry you can take the path up to the lookout station, the path continues over the headland and will return you to the main path at the daymark tower.


The daymark tower was built, in the early nineteenth century, as a maritime navigational aid, designed to guide sailors into the River Camel.



Padstow and Stepper Point Walk

Start Padstow Harbour

Finish Padstow Harbour


6.2 miles (10.0 km)


A headland walk giving far-reaching views over the mouth of the River Camel and the Doom Bar, where mermaids wait to lure sailors to disaster!


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