The silent beauty of fog

Fog is, by WBAN (Weather Bureau, Air Force, and Navy) definition, the same as a cloud, but with its base close enough to the earth that it restricts visibility to less than 1 kilometer

Fog fascinates me. It has the ability to soften an otherwise harsh scene, it makes fantastic shadows of ordinary objects, and creates stunning optical effects. It also has the ability to awaken our imagination.

treefog_MG_9619fogfog3_MG_6416The fog shrouds everything with its hazy veil.
It broods low over the worried waves-
So low that sea and sky are the same.
The trees tremble in the tiny breath of breeze,
Their cold gray veils of mist undisturbed.
At last the returning sun pierces the shroud and drives away the fog;
The tattered shreds of mist are left to melt.

Poem by Rose Wilder

When the landscape is obscured by fog, don’t give up on sightseeing! The silent beauty of the secret world created by suspended water droplets is all around you.

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