The Fogou at Porthcothan Bay

A fogou or fougou (pronounced “foo-goo”) is an underground, dry-stone structure found on Iron Age or Romano-British defended settlement sites in Cornwall. The purpose of a fogou is no longer known. It has been guessed that they were used for religious purposes, as refuges, or for food storage. These images are of the expedition to find the fogou at the valley at Porthcothan bay Nr Padstow.

A very dear friend of mine Edward Prynn, got together a band of explorers and set off to find the ancient fogou of Porthcothan, a place where he used to hide away as a child when skipping school at St Merryn

Cornish Eccentric Edward Prynn.  Edward is the author of 3 books, a painter and also has a collection of standing stones in his front garden, which have appeared on many TV shows.  His garden is open to visitors to explore so if you are in the area please feel free to drop by.

On the March

Ed leading the band of Explorers


The valley at Porthcuthan bay that leads up to Penrose


The going starts to get tough


Then tougher without any luck in finding it


A little help is required to find our barings.


The entrance


A tunnel

in the fogu

The Fogou


A Bat on the Fogou ceiling


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