Trees of Padstow (Tarzan Woods)

Wasn’t life so much simpler when we were younger?

If we go back in time…
Before the Internet…
Before Playstations, x-box or Super Nintendo…

Way back……

I’m talking about Hide and Seek in the park. The corner shop. Playing football with an old tin can and using jumpers for goal posts. Jumping the stream, building dams and making rope swings. Going out with your friends and staying out all day until teatime. What fun we had.
Nowadays with the invention of play stations, Xboxes, wii’s, and Nintendo’s all the stimulation kids get is cyber stimulation. Maybe its my view but the fun has been taken away from the youngsters.

Tarzan woods, as it was called by the local children, is a area of woodland attached to Prideaux Place (An Elizabethan Manor House) by an ancient tunnel that runs from the house under the road.

As children we would wile away our days making rope swings, climbing trees, playing man hunt, making camps and searching for newts and tadpoles from the pond at the far end of the woods, while always keeping one eye open for the game keeper from prideaux place, or even worse the Green Lady (the young wife of Humphrey Prideaux) who threw herself off the balcony at the house and whose Ghost was said to haunt the woods. I don’t recall seeing either of these as a child but remember running away from them a lot.

Last week as a 50+ year-old child I took a wander back into the woods. They were untouched and still as quiet as I remember them; it was funny being in there alone and I did jump when a blackbird flew out of the bushes behind me.

Local children still use the woods for making rope swings and exploring but the pond where we searched for Newts and Tadpoles has long since gone.


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