St Georges well

St George’s Cove is a sandy inlet on the western side of the Camel Estuary, about a Half a mile or so north of Padstow along a beautiful clifftop path, or when the tide is out, along the wonderful sandy estuary beach. A little stream runs down from the fields here onto the beach at the cove, and sometimes makes a pool or sometimes just dries up in the sands without directly reaching the sea.

St George’s Cove is Padstow’s closest beach at just over half a mile from the harbour. The beach gets its name from St George’s Well, an ancient holy well/spring located in the lush vegetation that grows behind the beach.

Having visited St George’s Cove many times over the past 50 odd years, I am still not 100% sure what the well itself actually consists of. I remember as a child sitting in a carved out rock ledge close to the waters edge but this I have since found out is not the actual Well.

Just a bit inland from the beach, through often lush, almost tropical vegetation are a few scraps of ancient walling, through which the stream runs. In my youth I was lead to believe that this is the remains of an ancient chapel, and hence the site of the well, but I am no longer so sure.

I believe that a bit further up the stream, through the very dense vegetation, there is a blue spot marked on the OS 1:25000 map, which may, or may not be, a pool which is the site of the actual well itself.

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