St Enodoc Church

Then roller into roller curled
And thundered down the rocky bay,

And we were in a water world

Of rain and blizzard, sea and spray,

And one against the other hurled

We struggled round to Greenaway.

Blesséd be St Enodoc, blesséd be the wave,

Blesséd be the springy turf, we pray, pray to thee…

John Betjeman: Trebetherick

St. Enodoc, a chapel in the parish of St Minver, stands, enigmatically, among the sand dunes above Daymer Bay. It is overshadowed by Brea Hill and is nowadays surrounded by the fairways of the St. Enodoc Golf Course. Why this charming chapel is here is a mystery. That it is an ancient place of worship is without doubt, some of the architecture can be traced back to the 12th century. It is mentioned in a list of the chapels dependant upon St Minver in 1299.



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