Gold Diggings Quarry

Gold Diggings Quarry is located in a remote position to the northwest of the hamlet of Minions, directly west of the former historic Cheesewring Quarry. It is accessed by a single track, which leads from the public car park at Minions, past the Hurlers standing stones and across open moorland for about 1 mile.

This granite quarry is now closed and flooded. However it provides a wonderful place to stop and relax.

It is also a place know for “Wild Swimming” as it is a Sheltered, spring fed, quarry lake, with clear water and many flat ledges for jumping. It also has many grassy surrounding areas for picnicking and sunbathing.

On our visit the weather was not good for swimming, there was a icy wind which gave the quarry a somewhat eerie atmosphere, the quarry is reputed to be haunted.

But what isn’t in this area?

Disclaimer: Mine exploring can be quite dangerous, so wear the correct clothing and be careful.

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