Padstow Lifeboat (a view from both sides)

The Brave men of the R.N.L.I deserve more recognition than they actually get.

A festive poem by volunteer Susan Wood from RNLI Stonehaven

It’s two o’clock in the morning

And his pager is beeping.

He jumps out of his scratcher

Into his thermals, he’s creeping.

So as not to disturb

His family’s slumber,

He creeps down the stairs

Where he’d normally lumber.

Slips into his boots

At the front door.

Drives down to the station

Right on the shore.

The crew have all mustered,

They’re ready to go.

There’s a fisherman in trouble

And it’s starting to snow.

Suited up, now

With helmets on too.

Lifejackets fastened

It’s the RNLI crew.

Risking their lives

To save someone at sea.

Braving the weather

Volunteers for the charity.

As they head out to sea

With radio blaring,

A call from the Coastguard

Through the waves, they are tearing.

Beginning the search

For the man in distress,

The training kicks in

And they don’t have to guess.

Our crew are courageous

They’re heroic, some say.

Saving lives and helping others

While some wait and pray.

This emergency service

Which is one of a few

Where no funding is given

And only supported by you!

It is vital for all those

Who fare on the sea.

Without RNLI

Where would they be?

So support your lifeboat,

The men and women who dare.

Dedicating their time

For our community, because they care!


The Lifeboat culture runs deep in my family, and as a child I didn’t realize how it affected my life.

It took a long time for me to visit the new Padstow Lifeboat station at Trevose Head.




Horace Edward Murt (Eddie)

Each image shown below has some sort of a fence or barrier in the Scene. In many of the situations we face, it isn’t the physical barriers that hold us back but our own mental barriers.

A view from both sides isn’t just a set of images taken from two different viewpoints, It is about looking at my own mental barriers and how to cross them………………………………..

Below is the poem entitled Lifeboat men so brave which was written by poet Leighton Rees.Lifeboat men so brave…………

A personal tribute to the man and woman of the R.N.L.I.

“The Royal National Lifeboat Institute”.

Bravest men amongst the brave,

The lifeboat volunteers.

Precious people saving lives,

As they’ve done for many years.

Through the waves of raging water,

Being battered by the storm.

These precious people saving lives,

Heroes one and all.

Being called in all conditions,

Whether sunshine, snow or rain.

Never knowing what’s ahead,

Or will they see their homes again!!!

Hurricanes and twenty foot waves,

Smashing at your soul.

Dedicated lifeboat men,

With a never ending goal.

So many crewmens lives been lost,

Still many lives they save.

Always putting themselves at risk,

These lifeboat men so brave.

To the R.N.L.I. volunteers,

With such courage there’s only few.

May the seasons always bring you home,

As the Lord watches over you.

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