Knockers are the mysterious cousins of piskies – tiny creatures of the mines.  In appearance they are said to be ugly, with spindly arms and legs and cumbersome heads with large hooked noses.  Despite this, knockers were believed to be helpful; their tiny tappings in the mine could lead the miners they favoured to the richest seams. 


However, knockers could turn malicious if upset.  Shouting, swearing and whistling could all offend a knocker.  A knocker could take revenge by leading those out of favour to dangerous and deserted areas of the mine.  Miners would always treat knockers with respect and perhaps leave food for them for good luck.  It is said knockers continue to live in abandoned mines.


Images below is a  story told by a local theatre group at Heartlands about Tommy, a Cornish Tin Miner and his dealings with the mischievous folk the Knocker.

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