Growing up in a rural area like Cornwall there were quite a few roadside stalls selling flowers, fruit, veg, Jam etc. mind you that was back in the 1970s-80s.

There are no stalls really to speak of here these days, or is this just a sign of the times? Is the roadside stall, something that is now disappearing from our culture?

To understand why they are disappearing we need to know why people started to sell produce from their homes/gardens/allotments.

There are two reasons why these stalls appeared. One being the motorcar, the road system in Cornwall and other rural areas in the 1950s through to the 1980s were mostly B class roads and to get from place to place it usually meant driving past farms and allotments. There was a steady flow of potential customers.

The other reason was to make extra money from a glut of produce that would probably have been thrown away.

With the onset of a bigger and better road system, which by passed small towns and community’s drivers didn’t pass the stalls.

Another reason why there is a demise of roadside stalls could be that people aren’t as honest as they were, roadside stalls usually came with a honesty box, something else which is dying out in our community’s.


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