Trevethy Quoit

What are Chamber Tombs or Quoits?

“Quoit” is the Cornish name for a type of megalithic structure made up of a number of large stones set upright to sup- port a massive horizontal capstone forming a small chamber. Confusingly, they are also knows as cromlechs or “portal dolmens”. The stone chambers were used for communal burials in the Neolithic period.

Trethevy Quoit is a well-preserved example of a portal dolmen, a type of monument once common in Cornwall and dating to the early or middle part of the Neolithic period, around 3500–2500 BC.

If you want to visit here are the directions

1 mile North East of St Cleer off the B3254 (OS map 201; ref SX 259688) Trethevy Quoit is signposted from a small lay-by car park in the hamlet of Trethevystone, between Darite and Tremar.

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