Lusty Glaze to Park Hd – 8 Miles

Black Humphrey was a notorious Newquay smuggler, said to live at Black Humphrey Rock, Whipsiderry Beach, which was named after him. Black Humphrey lived to a good age and died in about 1804-1807.At Whipsiderry Beach, Porth, you’ll find Black Humphrey Rock, the rock is much reduced from what it used to be as it was first mined for its ore and then, once mining stopped, the sea’s ravaged it. Black Humphrey was said to live in the old mine-workings, although it’s hard to believe that now since so much of the rock and island have been eroded. At the time that Black Humphrey frequented the area, the whole of Whipsiderry and Porth Beaches were riddled with large caves and tunnels, a lot of which have only disappeared in the last 150 years.

Black Humphrey Island

Black Humphrey Island

Thursday 8th December I walked from Lusty glaze (Newquay) to Park Hd (National Trust car park) the coastal path was deserted.



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