A.O.N.B. The Aesthetics of Progress

Trevose Head is undoubtedly an AONB. (Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty). But when I took this image I didn’t realise that in the distance there are 31 wind turbines, which got me thinking about the The Aesthetics of Progress.

The Aesthetics of Progress: 

People have widely varied reactions to seeing wind turbines on the landscape. Some people see graceful symbols of economic development and environmental progress or sleek icons of modern technology. Others might see industrial encroachment in natural and rural landscapes. There are many ways to minimize the visual impact of wind turbines, including painting them a neutral colour, arraying them in a visually pleasing manner, and designing each turbine uniformly.

In Summary there are many pros and cons of wind turbines, some being

Clean Air.

Land Preservation.

Negligible Greenhouse Gases.

Mining & Transportation.

Conserves and Keeps Water Clean.

and cons.


Shadow Flicker


Biological Resource Impacts

For the sake of the planet, national security, rural economic revitalization, and resource preservation we must promote a renewable energy economy. Wind power can be a cornerstone of that sustainable energy future because it is affordable, provides jobs, substantial and distributed revenue, and treads lightly on our environment without causing pollution, generating hazardous wastes, or depleting natural resources. Embracing wind energy today will lay the foundation for a healthy tomorrow.


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