The Secret Holy Well Of Menacuddle And The Druid’s Chair

Menacuddle Well

Cornwall, is a land of legends, saints, holy wells and other mysteries.

Before Christmas I came across a picture of Menacuddle Well, I hadn’t heard of it before and as its only 15 miles from where I live we decided to take a look. It’s a place that is not on the main tourist route so it’s virtually unknown to most visitors to the area.

The Well isn’t sign posted but if going by car take the Bodmin Road from St.Austell town. It’s only  a few minutes drive but is hidden away secretly. Look out for the Elderly People road sign and the track is on the left just after this. Go slow, it’s easy to drive past. Follow the track and there is a place to park a couple of cars. its a short walk across a bridge from there to the well.

The Well Chapel is a housing for a Holy Well and dates back to the 15th Century, though no doubt the healing powers of the water were known long before the small chapel was ever built.

The water is often a milky white colour, especially after rain, when it is coloured by the local china clay and is suppose to have natural healing properties.

The waterfall adds to the ambience the spot and would be a great place to sit and relax on a summers day when the weather is warm and the rhododendrons are in full bloom

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