Cornwall is extremely rich in ancient monuments and antiquities of all sorts. One of the most conspicuous features of the Cornish countryside are the stone crosses, which cannot be

seen anywhere else in the country in such numbers or varieties.

There are over four hundred complete stone crosses standing in the county and at least

another two hundred fragments, with an increasing number of modern replicas.






At Whitecross, near Wadebridge, is an ancient round-headed cross, about four feet high. there isn’t a great deal of information about this cross but I have an idea that it is a Boundary Cross

BOUNDARY CROSSES – Another reason for the large number of crosses around the Cornish countryside is that the stones were also used to mark boundaries. Crosses were set up to mark parish boundaries, and the boundaries of glebe land. They may also have marked monastic land and the extended sanctuaries that a very few parish churches possessed. During the post medieval period several crosses were adopted as manorial or personal boundaries, with initials being carved on the cross or it’s base-stone.


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