Many years ago when I was a youngster my Mum and Dad took me to Clovelly in North Devon, fifty years later I decided to return as the experience was lost on me during the 60s.

Clovelly is a lovely little village and unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before! We visited on a warm sunny day and were not disappointed.

The village is set down a cobbled slope which leads down to the bay. If you’re not up to walking there is a jeep you can take for a small price (summer season only). There are plenty of little shops to explore and a nice pub down by the harbour.

The street of Clovelly are too steep for motor vehicles, hence why for centuries, donkeys were used for getting up and down. Today man operated sledges are the main mode of logistics for getting goods down the steep cobbled streets.

Donkeys still live at the the top of the hill where children can have a donkey ride in the summer.

All together we spent about five hours here just taking our time to soak it all in, there are plenty places to eat, grab a coffee and cake, there are a couple of pubs if you feel like something a little stronger. If you love taking photographs then there are lots of opportunities to get some crackers.

During the 18th and 19th Centuries more than a 100 boats operated out of Clovelly, landing catches of thousands of herring. Now sadly there are only 2.

Although the days when Clovelly was renowned for its huge herring and mackerel catches are long gone, fishing is still a part of village life and there is always plenty of activity on the quay.

(For anyone visiting Clovelly, be advised to wear sensible footwear as the street is steep and can be slippery.)


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