Vugga Cove

Vugga Cove

The cove sits in the bay at the mouth of the Gannel Estuary, and is just one site amongst many locally, that reveal evidence of a bygone fishing industry.  Whilst the fishing community of Newquay, further east, exploited the deeper water to net for pilchards, smaller scale fishing took place here, with boatmen making use of the natural landing sites and rocky inlets.

Tell tale signs

The main feature is a slipway, which was cut out of the rock – it’s said – by two local quarrymen, bothers called Towser.  Down its centre is a carved groove to guide the boat keels.  You can also make out the holes where mooring pins or rings were fixed.  In a cut channel at the back of one of the inlets you can see sockets for wooden beams, designed to suspend a boat as the tide dropped, so that the hull could be worked on out of the water.


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