The Faerie’s of Carnglaze

The Faerie’s of Carnglaze

The Faerie’s are deeply ingrained in the folklore of Britain, especially Cornwall. Are these traditions a form of superstition or are the Faeries a real phenomenon?

Belief in Faerie’s, the Fair Folk or the Good People in the British Isles was widespread and these traditions and beliefs in rural communities lasted well into the early twentieth century. Indeed even now there are still some sites in Cornwall that is considered bad luck to build on because of Faery rings being located in that area.

Are these myths true or are they stories made up to captivate or deceive children to thinking these creatures are good or bad.

How many times have you heard the saying, “Can you see the faeries at the bottom of the garden”?

Or don’t go in there the “BOGEYMAN” will get you.

Well I like to think Faeries and faerie folk are like people, good and bad, but mostly good. This leads me into our latest journey around Cornwall.

A walk with the faery folk of Carnglaze.


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