The Cheesewring and Stowes Hill

The Cheesewring, its Pretty unique pile of stones

The Cheesewring (Cornish: Keuswask) is a granite tor in Cornwall, United Kingdom, situated on the eastern flank of Bodmin Moor on Stowe’s Hill in the parish of Linkinhorne approximately one mile northwest of the village of Minions and four miles (6 km) north of Liskeard. It is a natural geological formation, a rock outcrop of granite slabs formed by weathering. The name derives from the resemblance of the piled slabs to a “cheesewring”, a press-like device that was once used to make cheese.

It’s about a 20-minute walk from the free car park at Minions and fairly easy going until you get close to the Cheesewring elevation. Then you need to be a bit more agile as it is a bit of a climb to get to the top. Once there the scenery is stunning and the view from the top was well worth the effort of all the stones we had to climb over.



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