The Treslea Cross

The Treslea Cross

The monument is a medieval wayside cross, the Treslea Cross, situated at
a junction on an early route way near Cardinham on southern Bodmin Moor.
The Treslea Cross, which is also grade II* listed building, survives with an
upright granite shaft and a circular ‘wheel’ head, situated on a triangular
grass verge at the intersection of three roads. The cross head measures 0.44m
high by 0.56m wide and 0.22m thick.
On both of its flat principal faces, a cross motif with flared arms enclosed
by the circular perimeter of the head is formed by four shallow, pecked
hollows radiating from near the centre of the face towards the top left and
right and the bottom left and right. Three small rounded bosses project 0.04m
from the edges of the head, one at each side and one on top. The cross shaft
rises 1.1m from the ground to the base of the head. It is of rectangular
section, tapering from 0.43m wide and 0.18m thick at the base to 0.35m wide
and 0.2m thick at the head. The shaft has edge-chamfers, 0.07m wide, and a
raised midrib, 0.09m wide, extending the length of the shaft on both principal

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