Polruan (Cornish: Porthruwan is a small fishing village in the parish of Lanteglos-by-Fowey, its name  derives from the Cornish for harbour of a man called Ruveun

St Ruan was the first to occupy the top of Polruan Hill the point where St Saviour’s ruin still stands today. The ruin of St Saviour’s church on the hill above Polruan dates to the 8th century. It was a landmark for shipping, and also, in times of war, a vantage point for observing the approach of enemy shipping to the strategically important Fowey harbour.

Polruan is one of a now increasing number of Cornish places to use watch towers to help marine craft in distress. Many lookout towers were demolished in the 1980s to save costs. Now, thanks to the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI), a voluntary charity, many of the surviving old Coast Guard huts and towers are being re-manned by qualified volunteers.

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