Tunes In The Dunes

I love music festivals… Why do I love music festival, well it’s a number of things?

  1. I love live music in any genre.
  2. You can dance your heart out or just lay back and chill, no-one cares how you enjoy the day.
  3. Festivals make me happy and happiness is contagious
  4. I love the smell of a festival.
  5. I like meeting new people and seeing old friends.
  6. I like watching people and groups of people in the crowd and watching their scenarios evolve. (maybe that’s being NOSEY)
  7. I love the costumes people wear such a variety of difference.
  8. I love dancing, I’m a crap dancer but at a Festival that doesn’t matter.
  9. As soon as I set my feet on a festival ground, I feel I am away from all the negativity of the world.
  10. I know it a bit of a cliché but I think that we find our Inner Child at festivals, whether it its dancing, bubbles, dressing up, playing its all about having fun.
  11. I love the food, there is something for everyone.
  12. I love the beer

Agas gweles war an treth – See you on the Beach

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