Anneka’s Bridge

A footbridge called the Challenge Bridge links the Egloshayle playing fields to the Jubilee fields on the other side of the river. The bridge was constructed in 1991 by Anneka Rice and her team for the TV series “Challenge Anneka”. Locally, the bridge is known as Anneka’s Bridge, but its real name is the Bailey Bridge.

Challenge Anneka consisted of Anneka Rice being given a task to accomplish within a certain period of time, usually between two or three days. Having no idea of what the task will entail, and persuading companies and people to contribute their time and resources for free – always for a good cause!

In just under four days, a footbridge of steel and wood was built over The River Camel. Its completion then resulted in a huge party for the whole town, finally being united by the foot bridge, all thanks to Anneka Rice and the committed Cornish community.

For years the community of Wadebridge had to hike across the town and over the town’s only bridge; filled with bustling cars, narrow pavements, accompanied by wind and rain making their journey across the river a complete nightmare. In the programme you can watch as Anneka runs back and forth, moaning of how much of a trek it was to get to the other side of the river.

Her challenge to build a footbridge, would not only make it easier to cross the river but the two halves of Wadebridge would finally be united.

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