Walking the Southwest coastal path – Eype – Lets be HONEST

Eype Beach is a steeply shelving pebble beach and is located three miles from Bridport.

Situated on the magnificent World Heritage Coastline and close to the historic market town of Bridport. Eype consists of both Higher Eype and Lower Eype.  Lower Eype has access to the beach for fishing, swimming (with care) and fossil hunting.

Eype means “steep place” it certainly is that. Many of its buildings can be traced back to the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries, but little is known in detail until the Victorian era.

Eype beach to the west has the magnificent Golden Cap – the highest cliff on the south coast at 191m above sea level and an impressive view from any direction.

Dogs permitted on Eype Beach all year round.

Eype Beach car park has an Honesty box. I love an honesty box so what is an Honesty box…… Well, It’s a box which members of the public are entrusted to pay into when there isn’t an attendant around to collect the fee.

An Honesty box …… Who will know if you don’t pay?  ……. ’ well you of course’

Lets be HONEST

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