Gallos – Statue of King Arthur

The statue at the top of Tintagel Castle is the centrepiece of a new visitor experience which explores the Castle’s history and the role of legends in shaping the site for visitors. English Heritage says the statue is called Gallos – the Cornish word for power and has been inspired both by King Arthur and other stories from the Castle’s history. The statue is so large it had to be airlifted in by helicopter.

A group of 200 Cornish historians criticised plans by English Heritage to turn Tintagel Castle into what they called a “fairy-tale theme park” based on the legend of King Arthur and that its becoming like Disneyland. [POPPYCOCK]

I enjoyed looking at the statue but there is always someone who moans usually a bunch of Conservative Killjoy Diehards who makes it difficult for other people to enjoy themselves, “Rant Over”

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