Chysauster Ancient Village

Chysauster Ancient Village is a late Iron Age and Romano-British village of courtyard houses in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom, which is currently in the care of English Heritage. The village included eight to ten houses, each with its own internal courtyard

Chysauster village is believed to have been inhabited from about 100 BC until the 3rd century AD; it was primarily agricultural and unfortified and probably occupied by members of the Dumnonii tribe. The village consists of the remains of around 10 courtyard houses, each around 30 metres in diameter. Eight of the houses form two distinct rows and each house had an open central courtyard surrounded by a number of thatched rooms. The houses have a similar layout. The buildings are oriented on an east-west axis, with the entrance facing east. The walls survive to heights of up to 3 metres. A field system in the vicinity attests to the site’s farming connections

This is a lot more than just a load of old stones. You really can see the “houses” where our ancestors lived. There are some great panoramic views as well when the mist isn’t present.

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