Saints of Cornwall – St Dennis (St Denys)

St Dennis, (St Denys)to whom the church is dedicated, was born in Italy early in the 3rd century, probably about 210 AD. Nothing is definitely known about the date or place of his birth, or his early life. The church is situated on the hill almost in the centre of the parish, and is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. Very little can be ascertained about the history of the church but it is known that the stone cross in the churchyard is of great antiquity. The exact date the church was built is unknown but the tower contains two bells dated 1167 and 1176. In the Doomsday book St Dennis is recorded as Lan-Dines, ‘the church on the hill’ in Cornish, and atop a hill is, indeed, where the parish church is located, overlooking the rest of the village. An Iron Age hill fort once stood on the same spot.

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