A wet and windy day at Stonehenge

I have visited Stonehenge many times and it never disappoints.

To me Stonehenge is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and mystical places on earth. The setting is unique and although the viewing of such a popular attraction is still a personal experience, I love it.

This visit we went on a typical British summer day when it was both rainy and rainier.

Obviously a stroll in the sun is more pleasant but the photographs of the stones with their grey skies are very atmospheric.Surely part of the experience of viewing these stones is that they have existedfor millennia

This visit our youngest daughter came with us she hasn’t visited the stone in 12 yrs. the last time she came she was around 2 yrs old, but we did recreate an image from the past.

Even in the rain the visitor centre is excellent and the museum is very educational……………… but might get full in the rain!

Just a word of advice to our not so polite Tourists especially our American, Japanese and Chinese visitors (Don’t worry – the stones don’t scuttle off to a shelter just because it is raining.) ………….. the Stones are not going anywhere, there is no need push and shove and barge your way around the stones. enjoy the experience .. wet or dry

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