Carloggas Downs – “a Heap of Mice”

An interesting fact “Carloggas Downs” translates as “Heap of Mice” in Cornish. Apparently when ECC (English China Clays, long since owned by Imerys) did the whole ‘beautification’ programme, one of the guys on the team knew the Cornish language and decided to have a bit of a laugh! Mice (Cornish. Logas)

Carloggas Downs (a.k.a. Carlogorse Downs)

The downs had been covered by sand waste from china clay workings for hundreds of years but around 2000 the industry in combination with English nature have flattened and it is being ‘reclaimed’ as a heath, where the native flora and fauna are returning following 300 years of china clay mining.

On top a large standing stone, about 6 feet tall surrounded by 5 other stones on a large bump in the ground, with many other stones placed around it, perhaps making twin concentric circles. In all a Lovely place to walk with stunning 360° views

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