St Cadoc’s Point, Harlyn

St Cadoc, was born in Monmouthshire around the year 497 and there is a lot of writings about his life in Wales, little is known of St Cadoc in Cornwall but at Harlyn bay near Padstow there is a small headland jutting into the Celtic sea Called St Cadoc’s point and half way up the valley is a Well, now destroyed called St Cadoc’s well. There is now mention of the well in the book Ancient and holy wells of Cornwall (Quiller-Couch, Mabel; Quiller-Couch, Lilian M., joint author; Quiller-Couch, Thomas, 1826-1884) apart from a spring of water near St Cadoc’s farm. The well however has been marked on an ancient map of the area. I have yet  to find the Holy spring but will post more information when I have located it…… or Not

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