Wenford Dries – Abandoned buildings or Art installation

A chance encounter with the @one_eyed_wizz and @disorderworks1 at Wenford Dries. Check these guys out their work is fantastic

Wenford Dries 

The Wenford Dries was built in the early 20th C, to dry china clay slurry, the china clay slurry was moved from the quarry some miles away by pipe line and placed in massive settling tanks at the rear of the building, this slurry was then poured in to drying tanks above long furnaces, these were fired from one end and large flue chimneys drew the hot gasses through the dryers, the dry china clay was removed from the top and moved down to the end of the building to be stored and then sent out via train.The building was worked right up until 2002 when it finally closed.

“Street art” is interesting, creative and unrestricted. It’s an incredibly diverse and varied art movement, one that is growing in popularity as work being exhibited in the streets continues to develop in terms of size, style, and sheer skill.


After a bit of difficulty getting there (mixed up the coordinates from the sat-nav) we pulled into a parking area close by and just wandered right in, even if we had to bend a few branches

The place seemed right out of a science fiction dystopian holocaust from a Mad Max set, with derelict walls decaying roof and entwined with overgrown plants and shrubs, but once inside the whole place felt very calming and quiet as if it was an art gallery. We wandered around the different rooms/area for a couple of hours looking and taking images of the various art works of which there were many. As we walked further in to the building we heard voices coming from one of the areas. There were a couple of artists working on their art works. These guy were fantastic and you can check out their work on Instagram. their handles are @one_eyed_wizz and @disorderworks1.

Much has been said about the Wenford dries works, Ive heard rumours that it could be demolished and turned into a housing development or flats, this I feel will be the wrong move for this building. the whole area should be converted into a museum or gallery to showcase the work that is here.

Lets preserve the beauty 


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