Stara Woods

On the south east edge of Bodmin Moor, there is a jewel within the valley; a woodland with a brook that falls through cascades to join the River Lynher. The river flows through rapids and deep pools, past broadleaf and ancient forest, protected wildlife, flora and fauna, and under an old granite clapper bridge at the entrance to Stara Woods. Stara Woodland is a collection of three woods; Broad, Colquite and Treovis. 

Documents suggest they have been here since at least the 17th century, but probably long before that. Each woodland is different in character from the others, ranging from mature conifers intermixed with broadleaved trees, a newer plantation of conifers on what was native woodland, and the remains of old coppices along with more mature oaks.

This variety means that the woods play host to, and provide a wonderful habitat for, all kinds of flora, fauna and wildlife.  Species such as the otter, the brown long-eared bat and the dormouse live here.  

In addition, the woodlands contain historic features, some industrial, discovered through the programme of woodland management and desk based research in local archives.

The woods, part of the former Duchy estate of Botternell, were purchased by Anne Hughes in 2004. Since then she has managed them for the benefit of the community with the support of the ‘Friends of Stara Woods’, set up in the same year.

Permissive and public paths now run through the woodland, which is well loved and used by many local people for walking, enhancing their spiritual well-being and healthy living.  

Local school groups and children have come to engage with the landscape to better their understanding of the environment in which they live.

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