Glynn Valley China Clay Works (Disused)

Temple car park on Bodmin Moor is alongside the constant hum of traffic from the  A30, but as you walk down the gentle grassy slope away from the carpark the noise of the constant traffic fades away into a tranquil calmness of nature. It was then about a walk of roughly a mile to the disused China Clay works at Glynn valley. 

What a gem in our countryside this was.

It was well worth the walk, the slag heaps are like snow-topped mountains, along with mysterious abandoned mine workings and a large flooded quarry. The whole area feels incongruous out here on the moors, as if it was placed here by mistake as most of the other China clay works being around the St Austell area.

This mine became inactive a long time ago and nature has gradually taken over the place. The clay hills are getting grown over and the old pit is now a lake. 


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