Finch Foundry

Finch Foundry is a 19th-century water-powered forge situated in the village of Sticklepath near Okehampton, Devon, England. It was originally used to produce agricultural and mining hand tools and at its peak produced around 400 edge tools a day.

This proved a surprise; a compact little working museum of metal bashing and a wonderful foundry, with its working water wheel is like walking back in time. This foundry was so nearly lost if it wasn’t for the persistence of Fred Dibnah and the ownership of the National Trust.

Finch Foundry gives us a fascinating insight into the workings of this old forge. The lady giving the talk was very informative and obviously enjoyed her job. She spoke of the tools and described the process of making them. Then she described the workings of the machinery and demonstrated by releasing the stored water that activated the great wheel. The belts came to life. It was noisy but nothing compared to what it would have been like when the huge trip hammer used to work.

The garden is very pretty and a lovely place to sit on a sunny day, unfortunately it was raining while we were there and didn’t have a chance to sit and relax in the garden. There is a small tearoom that serves tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes. If you want more there are two pubs to choose from.

Didn’t find out if they served Jail ale

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