White Lady Waterfall – Lydford Gorge

Lydford gorge and the white lady falls

I think when anybody visits an area they always like to see the highest, longest, shortest, deepest or oldest features that are on offer. In this light, the longest waterfall in Devon is the White Lady falls which can be found at the southern end of Lydford Gorge. The main source of water for the falls is the River Burn which rises about a kilometre away on Black Down

Bandit country

But the gorge hasn’t always been such an enchanting place for visitors. Back in the 17th century, a gang of violent thugs, known as the Gubbins, occupied the caves in the gorge. Locals and travellers stayed away, for fear of their lives. The outlaws stole sheep and terrorised their neighbours, inhabiting the gorge for many years until the law clamped down on the Gubbins and they fled the area.

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