Bedruthan Steps to Redhill Castle

Redcliff Castle

The monument includes a later prehistoric cliff castle situated on a  
promontory projecting west into the Atlantic north of Mawgan Porth. The  
site has level and moderately sloping ground on top of the promontory, and  
steep high cliffs with a narrow ridge projecting seaward below. In plan  
the cliff castle is roughly crescent-shaped, its irregular outline  
reflecting the indented course of the cliffs. It measures up to  
approximately 200m across north-south by 75m east-west. Around the  
landward side it has two concentric ramparts, each with an external ditch,  
running north-south across the neck of the promontory with a slight  
outward curve.  
The ramparts are visible as rounded banks of earth and stone; there is  
evidence for the use of large grounders or basal facing stones. The banks  
are 4m-5m wide and 1m-1.5m high. The two ditches both have fairly flat  
bases, but differ in their proportions. The inner (west) one is around  
6m-7m wide and 1m deep. The outer ditch is wider, at 9m-10m across, and  
deeper, varying from about 2m to 3.5m deep. For some 20m towards its south  
end, the sides of the outer ditch are formed of exposed, steep faces of  
cut bedrock. The entrance to the cliff castle runs east-west through the  
centre of its enclosing earthworks, passing over the ditches on a causeway  
4m-7m wide and around 0.7m-1m high. The interior slopes west with the  
natural gradient, undulating slightly.

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